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Future of Afghanistan & SAARC

Reading Time: 4 minutes Advertisements In the last few weeks, Afghanistan has turned from being state-aided and supported by the United States of America to a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on 15th August 2021. Since then a state of panic has swept across the country. Many people have […]

One nation, one election?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Advertisements Introduction India witnesses an average of 5-6 elections per year, making elections an incessant phenomenon in India. Elections of the Lok Sabha and State Legislature are not held in sync making elections a frequent chain of cycles. ‘One Nation, One Election’ since 2016 has been endorsed by […]

Independence of Central Banks

Reading Time: 5 minutes Advertisements Utsari makes a case for why Central Banks should remain independent. Without Central Bank independence, monetary policy is bound to go to astray. An economy is like an automatic operation, which when goes worse, should be corrected by individuals who excel in economics and have no conflict […]

Letter to Parliamentarians.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Advertisements Disclaimer: I do not associate myself to any of the political party or ideology (at least for this post) I speak from the helplessness I feel as a citizen of this nation. I write this letter as my conscience is not allowing me to keep quite when […]

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