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The Deal, The Reality and The Non-Violent Ally

Reading Time: 4 minutes The fate of 12th September 2020 in the history of Afghanistan is still not clear, some might say that this is the historical day on which the peace process called Intra-Afghan Talks began in Qatar the way of which paved in the peace deal between the Trump administration […]

How The United Nations Observes Kashmir.

Reading Time: 5 minutes The freedom of India and Pakistan from British rule was the beginning of another era filled with chaos, confusion, hatred, conflict. The people of the two countries feared the social and political turmoil which they had undergone. To make the situation worse, new political, social, and economic problems […]

India at Geopolitical Crossroads

Reading Time: 11 minutes Utsari writes about why India should become proactive regarding it’s Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Policy with context to recent operations of Army near LoC and judgment of Pakistan’s Court. Washing hands for 30 seconds at regular intervals, trying a new dish every evening, finally reading that book on the […]