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Modi government and its auxiliary bourn to escalate the fuel price

Reading Time: 5 minutes There has been much hoots and shouts going around the nation regarding the prices of the petrol and diesel and how the centre has been constantly escalating the prices of the fuel and garnering revenue for the nation itself. Now, unlike certain influencers and self- acclaimed economists with […]

Uttar Pradesh ka Vikas

Reading Time: 2 minutes How the encounter of Vikas Dubey consolidates Yogi Adityanath’s power in the state. Uttar Pradesh has always been known for its nexus of politicians and criminals. Every Criminal has a godfather in politics and every politician has a godfather in crime. It is a mutually convenient relationship for […]

Independence of Central Banks

Reading Time: 5 minutes Utsari makes a case for why Central Banks should remain independent. Without Central Bank independence, monetary policy is bound to go to astray. An economy is like an automatic operation, which when goes worse, should be corrected by individuals who excel in economics and have no conflict of […]