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The rise of nuclear weapons and the powerless world

Reading Time: 3 minutes We live in a world where the human race is progressing constantly. However, there are certain notions and moments like that of the mindset of the people (who run a country at the government level), lust for power and establishment of a world supremacy at the gun-point, constantly […]

Future of Afghanistan & SAARC

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the last few weeks, Afghanistan has turned from being state-aided and supported by the United States of America to a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on 15th August 2021. Since then a state of panic has swept across the country. Many people have been […]

India’s Wish for Tibet

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2021 marked the 70th year of Tibetan ‘liberation’ as the CCP would insist on calling it, while in reality, it stands to be annexation. The Republic of China gained control over Tibet and later signed a ‘Seventeen Point Agreement’ which affirmed Chinese sovereignty over Tibet. Naturally, Tibet succumbed to […]

What if the Oxygen Audit was not done in Delhi?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yesterday, the oxygen audit committee submitted its report to the Supreme Court stating that there was a gross discrepancy in the actual demand of oxygen and the demand made by the Delhi government.  If the committee would have been absent then, the Delhi government wouldn’t hesitate to demand […]

Why Lockdowns are not effective?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Epidemiologists have for a while argued that we have to learn how to ‘live with the virus’. In India, a strict lockdown that saw millions locked up at home was justified because the government needed to up its game in terms of preparation to deal with COVID 19. […]