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CoWin-20 App

Reading Time: 4 minutes CoWin App and the history of the government with national level roll out of apps, its effectiveness, its concerns and advantages.

गुरु बिन कौन बताए वाट.

Reading Time: 2 minutes आज मित्रांशी बोलताना शाळेचा उल्लेख निघाला. माझी शाळा हा माझ्यासाठी एक अत्यंत अप्रिय असा प्रवास आहे (त्यावर लेख कधीतरी नंतर.) पण मी माझ्या मित्रांना सांगत होतो कि माझ्या शालेय जीवनाच्या १२ वर्षात असा एकही तास नाही जो मला आयुष्यभर स्मरणात राहिल. मी त्यांना माझा चाणक्य मंडल परिवार मधील […]

Uttar Pradesh ka Vikas

Reading Time: 2 minutes How the encounter of Vikas Dubey consolidates Yogi Adityanath’s power in the state. Uttar Pradesh has always been known for its nexus of politicians and criminals. Every Criminal has a godfather in politics and every politician has a godfather in crime. It is a mutually convenient relationship for […]

Retaliation on our terms.

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you ask anyone around you to define battle, they will probably go on to tell you the 2 centuries old definitions where words like guns, swords, violence will be thrown around. But let’s ask ourselves why were these tools used in the first place? They were used […]

Enter : Spirituality

Reading Time: 2 minutes Need of spiritual education in the curriculum has never been felt so strongly as it does today. In the midst of chaos created by political forces and the ever-increasing pressure of running in the rat race of jobs and career there is a dire need of introducing spirituality […]