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Modi government and its auxiliary bourn to escalate the fuel price

Reading Time: 5 minutes There has been much hoots and shouts going around the nation regarding the prices of the petrol and diesel and how the centre has been constantly escalating the prices of the fuel and garnering revenue for the nation itself. Now, unlike certain influencers and self- acclaimed economists with […]


Reading Time: 3 minutes The COVID-19 outbreak has widespread effect on almost all spheres of the society in some way or the other. It has further caused widespread disruptions in terms of domestic as well as cross-border business and commercial operations. The article delves into the impact caused by the Pandemic to […]

The Kerala Gold Scam

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kerala is obsessed with communism, gods and gold. Although the existence of the first two is up for debate, gold is definitely one of the most real things to circulate Kerala through its legal supply chains and illegal hawala rackets. Although it is usually not a surprise to […]

Atmanirbhar Bharat: Implementation Conundrum

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the wake of the unprecedented and catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic, India has come to realize the importance of self-reliance and self-sufficiency without closing the doorway to foreign countries, instead to attract more foreign investment, enhance technology, boost employment and generate skilled labour. The ‘Atmanirbhar Abhiyan’ (ABA) package has […]