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Longer than Dunkirk, shorter than Queen’s Rule

Reading Time: 4 minutes After repeated attempts and with three Prime Ministers over time made sure that the above said quote by Margaret Thatcher, saw the light of day on 24th December 2020 when the European Union and United Kingdom officially signed a deal, ensuring Britain’s exit from the European Union.

RIC: A Convoluted Triangle

Reading Time: 7 minutes The world in the Covid-19 crisis has witnessed a sea change in the international diplomatic relations intertwining India, Russia, China, and the USA. Cordial relations between India and Russia have been in existence for decades now. Yet, India’s closeness to the USA has been hurting Russia but at […]

Article – 32, the guardian of citizens of India

Reading Time: 7 minutes “यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः” The above Sanskrit slogan is something that a few might know, the other part must be confused between “सत्यमेव जयते” and “यतो धर्मस्तो जयः” and the remaining unknown to the slogan. This slogan is that of the Supreme Court of India. The English translation of […]