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Satvik Tripathi

The Kerala Gold Scam

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kerala is obsessed with communism, gods and gold. Although the existence of the first two is up for debate, gold is definitely one of the most real things to circulate Kerala through its legal supply chains and illegal hawala rackets. Although it is usually not a surprise to […]

Shah Geelani and Hurriyat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Syed Ali Shah Geelani resigned from his faction of All Parties Hurriyat Conference on 29th June. He appointed Abdullah Geelani as his successor, who has been burning his bridges with the Pakistani establishment since August 2019. The nationalists hailed this as another victory for the Modi 2.0 government […]

Why did Indi(r)a lift the Emergency?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Today after 45 years are completed to the dreadful emergency, Satvik explores the reasons why the emergency was lifted and normalcy was brought back.  Imagine you’re the most powerful authority of a nation, that stretches from Kutchh all the way to Kohima, from Kashmir to Great Nicobar (whose […]

COVID-19: A new reason to discriminate

Reading Time: 4 minutes Satvik writes how the COVID-19 pandemic has started a new wave of blaming and harassing our brothers and sisters from North East India based on their appearance. The COVID-19 pandemic is disastrous for humanity. Bad for some, dismal for others. Countries are locking down, finances are crumbling and […]