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BJP in West Bengal vis-à-vis BJP in Assam: A Manifesto Comparison

Reading Time: 4 minutes One cannot understand why certain people vote for certain policies without knowing who they are. It is imperative to look at the demographics of both West Bengal and Assam before diving into BJP’s manifesto for them. Where West Bengal has 294 seats in the State Legislative Assembly elections, […]


Reading Time: 3 minutes The COVID-19 outbreak has widespread effect on almost all spheres of the society in some way or the other. It has further caused widespread disruptions in terms of domestic as well as cross-border business and commercial operations. The article delves into the impact caused by the Pandemic to […]

Insurgency in Mozambique

Reading Time: 4 minutes On October 5, 2017, a group of armed men associated with Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jamo(ASWJ)/Ansar al-Sunna (Shabaab) attacked three police stations in Moçimboa da Praia, starting nearly three years of violence and insecurity that still show no sign of ending. On 12th of August, this year, the Islamic State […]

Uncertainty in the Oil Market

Reading Time: 4 minutes Simplified overview of the market mechanism: Understanding the nuances of the oil market can come off as very complicated at times, for what is perhaps the biggest resource of Natural gas. The availability of crude oil is not centralized, thus, different countries have different suppliers and the pricing […]