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The Utopian Society

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recognition to LGBTQ+ in Indian society:  how far effective for ensuring unity in gender-based diversity Article by Janhavi Lakhmani LGBTQ+ is the acronym used to represent people of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer community. The wider expression for the same is LGBTTTQQIAA which includes transsexual, two-spirit, queer, questioning, […]

An Anatomy of Disengagement

Reading Time: 8 minutes An Article which focuses on the disengagement and de-escalation process between India and China in Ladakh. 1.    Context of the Article Raksha Mantri Hon’ble Rajnath Singh on February 11,2021 announced in the Indian Parliament that ‘India and China have reached an agreement vis a vis Disengagement and further […]

Tandav is not offensive

Reading Time: < 1 minute I had the opportunity to watch the scenes which offended people’s sentiments from the recent web series – Tandav. There was very little which actually offended me. Because the only thing which the series does is humanises God. In the medieval era, something called ‘Bhakti Movement’ started in India