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Bharat Bhagya Vidhata


Life learnings from COVID-19 pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately  brought in a sense of fear panic and anxiety among people. It has made people worried and paranoid However the major cause of this fear and apprehension is the nature of pandemic itself in which if one was affected by covid he would have […]

One nation, one election?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Introduction India witnesses an average of 5-6 elections per year, making elections an incessant phenomenon in India. Elections of the Lok Sabha and State Legislature are not held in sync making elections a frequent chain of cycles. ‘One Nation, One Election’ since 2016 has been endorsed by Prime […]

Will win 2022 UP polls just the way we defeated corona crisis?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The 2022 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election is going to be a first next year in a series of assembly elections to be held in Gujarat, Punjab, and Uttarakhand. A victory in Uttar Pradesh is going to be watershed for the Bharatiya Janata Party to turn its tide of losses in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry. A win in Uttar Pradesh, which is likely, will also help the party kickstart a winning streak for the elections following.

Re-negotiating Iran Nuclear Deal

Reading Time: 3 minutes                                          BACKGROUND United Nations impose sanction on Iran In 2006 as they were suspected by nuclear production similar sanctions were imposed by USA and European Union primarily imposed sanction on Iran’s oil business, weapons sales and financial transaction which hurt Iran’s economy severely. Economy was severely hurt […]