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Empire of Death : An intolerant society

Reading Time: 3 minutes Advertisements By all accounts, these two infamous shooting incidents crop up in mind when we think about ‘individual terrorism’: Omar Mateen, who shot 49 individuals at a gay club in Orlando, was the child of Afghan foreigners, allegedly devoured by homophobia and motivated by ISIS. Conversely, Micah Johnson, […]

Taxation without Representation?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Advertisements Washington DC’s tumultuous road to statehood and what the Constitution says about it. In 2000, D.C. begun printing “Taxation Without Representation” on the entirety of the city’s standard car number plates, and in 2016, the city refreshed it to “End Taxation Without Representation.” The tags reference the […]

Roe v. Wade

Reading Time: 4 minutes Advertisements Senate’s conformation of Amy Coney Barrett and the plausible reshaping of the US Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation as a judge of the United States Supreme court on 26th October 2020, after the demise of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was an iconic achievement for President Donald Trump […]

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