Life learnings from COVID-19 pandemic

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Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately  brought in a sense of fear panic and anxiety among people. It has made people worried and paranoid However the major cause of this fear and apprehension is the nature of pandemic itself in which if one was affected by covid he would have to be quarantined. The 1st Nationwide lockdown was on 24th March 2020. In the period of lockdown for some it would have been frustrating on not being able to go out. Covid -19 did bring about a huge amount of negativity among people. Covid-19 dead cause a lot death and loss of life but covid -19 did bring about some life reality and life truths into lamplight . Covid-19 has made people think about life. Following are the life lessons which came to my light. 

“The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.”

                                                                                                                                                         – Charles Kuralt

This was the fundamental life learning which I learnt in times of pandemic. There are times when we are so concerned and into our professional life our professional ambitions, we forget to spend time with our family. It often happens that we are so involved in our own world that we at times even forget to have conversations and normal talks with them. This pandemic has ensured that people realize the importance. Another aspect of pandemic which I feel has  made people realize the importance of family is if one suffers from covid -19 it is that person’s family which is going to be there for helping the person recover from covid -19. This also has given a very  sound understanding that in one’s tuff times it is the persons family which is going to be there to care for them. 

 Every Problem has a solution

When Covid -19  none of us had any solutions all we knew that this is a huge problem which we are facing . If we observe with time there started coming various lines of treatment in the earlier phase’s plasma treatment was something which was curing patients. it was not expected that there would be any sort of prevention for covid -19 it was within a span of time there were covid -19 vaccines. There was no expectation of any form of medicine for cure . However, there are with time now some medicines with DRDO new drug . Not having medicines was a problem in the initial phase of pandemic Not having  vaccines was a problem eventually there were vaccines and medicines . This implies that every problem has a solution. At whatever intensity the problem might be at eventually there is a solution for the same. 

Importance of job and Finance 

Covid -19 pandemic has made many people realize the importance of job money and handling of finance. This has brought about the importance of savings and made people realize that everyone needs to have an understanding towards handling of finance. It has also made people realize the importance of stable employment . This pandemic has brough some basic questions into common mans life what if in future there is another pandemic due to which if there is another lockdown do, we have adequate money and saving to sustain ?  Job is very crucial for survival and sustaining  is something which has come to people’s realization. 

“ Heath is wealth “ 

In times ,  before pandemic I need not mention people were not at all serious about health. Heath was something which was taken casually both physical health and mental health. After covid -19 pandemic people have become serious about their physical health and  specially hygiene. Covid -19 has created a huge amount of health and hygiene awareness . pre pandemic many people did not understand the significance of regular health checkups due to the pandemic people have not only realized the significance of health checkup but also significance of  checking temperature and oxygen levels.  Covid -19 pandemic has made people realize the importance of hygiene and co relation of hygiene environment and healthy life. Due to covid -19 people have realized  the value of doctors and understanding the responsibility that they play in ensuring people are healthy . Due to the pandemic people have started to develop awareness of vitamin – c and zinc and various nutrients. People have also realized importance of immunity. Covid-19 pandemic has also made people realize significance of mental health. It has also made people realize the importance of mental health. It has also made people realize  that there is a significant amount of co relation between mental health and physical health. Mental health is something which cannot be ignored by any chance. 

Definity the covid -19 pandemic might have been devastating by nature however we must understand that it has brought about significant life lessons and made people realize about certain things which they have forgotten. All that we as people need to understand is learn lesson which we  have forgotten for a considerable amount of time and we need to ensure that we in future do not forget about these important aspects.

-By Vignesh Narayanan

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