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India 2nd most populated country in the world began its vaccination drive on 16th January 2021 by vaccinating front line workers at priority. Initially India authorized two vaccines which were Covaxin which is a indigenous vaccines manufactured by Bharat biotech in collaboration with Indian Council for medical research and second is Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured by Serum institute of India’s Covishield . Currently India has three vaccines with the latest one being Sputnik -V which is a Russia based Vaccine. Vaccination drive could be analyzed on following factors -: 

Digitalization -: one of the core positive feature of the vaccination drive is it has been digital in nature. Digitalizing in the form of registering for the vaccine via Cowin app . A simplified method in which one could obtain a proper vaccination certificate. Digitalization has been beneficial as it has reduced the paper work of both authorities and citizens who wish to get vaccinated. Digitalization has laid down a process and mechanism which citizens need to follow. Digitalization via cowin app has been one of the most prominent features of the vaccination drive.

Categorization of Groups  for vaccination -: Initially it was a very acknowledged effort to vaccinate the front line workers at priority. After which the government could have considered a hybrid procedure of vaccination for citizens above 18 and senior citizens simultaneously. India has around an estimate of 65 percent of the population as youth in such situation protecting youth by vaccinating them would be a direct protection of senior citizens. Till the time youth are not vaccinated senior citizen are at a higher risk.

Rumors spread about Covaxin -: Covaxin is an Indigenous Vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with Indian council of medical research. There have been time and again rumors about the efficacy and efficiency of Covaxin . How is this an issue?  This led to hesitancy among citizen to take Covaxin. Considerably in the initial phase many citizens hesitated to take vaccine especially Covaxin. This led to another problem of vaccine wastage.

Number of Vaccines authorized -: India has an estimate population of  136.64 crores. Government had authorized two vaccines which were Oxford AstraZeneca’s  Covishield and Bharat Biotech ,ICMR manufactured indigenous Covaxin. 2 Vaccines for an estimate population of 136.64 crores which meant that entire manufacturing burden was on two manufacturers. However, it is essential to ensure no  pressure on  vaccine manufactures  , thereby for manufacturing vaccines for 136.64 crores Indian we ll need to authorize more vaccines which have been authorized by other countries , with sputnik -V authorization the burden would slightly reduce. In order to improvise the vaccination drive and pace up the drive vaccines like  Modern and Pfizer.  More the number of vaccines authorized more would be the pace of the drive.

Demand Supply Ratio -:   In recent times various states have witness’s shortage of supplies in regards with Vaccines. The pertinent question which lies is how is vaccine shortage affect the common man ? answer is simple it would add up to vaccine hesitancy. If citizens are told by vaccine center’s that vaccines are not available come on another day this would put down their affirmative approach towards vaccination and indirectly add up to vaccine hesitancy. Government must take  efforts to ensure  supply of vaccines are met.

Wastage of Vaccine -:  According to health ministry Vaccine wastage is around 7 percent. (1) This becomes a major concern in vaccination drive. There must be some solution which be taken into consideration  as prevention of vaccine waste would help in speeding up the vaccination drive.

Awareness -: Awareness is a two fold concept which is yet lacking in citizens. Citizens lack awareness in terms of vaccination process and purpose of vaccination. First things le us t understand the purpose of vaccination is to mainly prevent hospitalization. If one takes vaccine and does not follow covid appropriate behavior they may contract covid. It is pivotal that awareness of the same must be spread on priority. Second is the vaccination process as we know its digital in nature citizens who do not have internet access might find it difficult to understand and follow it hence government must consider certain method to make them aware.  Another aspect which citizens are not aware about is the does and don’t after vaccination such as one must not drink  alcohol after vaccination. Why is it important that citizens are made aware about ? it is important because if people don’t follow them vaccine might not be efficient.

Methodology of Vaccination -: Ideal methodology for vaccination in India is vaccination centers however another method which could be considered in order to speed up vaccination is decentralize the vaccination process as much as possible and start door to door vaccination. Why is a door to door vaccination process essential the main reason is lack of awareness.  There are yet many people in rural areas especially senior citizens who are not aware in regards with vaccination.  Hence the government could consider a door to door vaccination process. There is one factor which would play an essential role in assessing the possibilities of door to door vaccination Is the supply of vaccines and availability of vaccines.

Vaccine hesitancy -: Vaccine hesitancy is something which is yet pertinent among citizens. It is essential citizens understand vaccine is the only key in which one could protect themselves from hospitalization. Vaccine hesitancy is something which government has been pertinently working to eradicate at the earliest.

We must understand vaccination is a key towards moving a step closer to normalcy. We must understand that pace of the vaccination drive increases with time and more vaccines are authorized which would speed up the drive more. It shall be the duty of every citizen of India according to Article 51 h of constitution  To develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform. Thereby it is our duty to get vaccinated when our turn comes.

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Vignesh Narayanan -Writer Bharat Bhagya Vidhatha


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