Tandav is not offensive

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I had the opportunity to watch the scenes which offended people’s sentiments from the recent web series – Tandav. There was very little which actually offended me. Because the only thing which the series does is humanises God. In the medieval era, something called ‘Bhakti Movement’ started in India and it did exactly the same thing. It humanised God to the contemporary times. I personally enjoyed movies like PK, Oh My God and other works of fiction which by no meaning insulted Hindu Religion.

Greatest beings of Hindu literature and saints in Maharashtra have questioned God, questioned his methods and have even scolded him/her at times. The principle of Bhakti movement itself is God is shapeless and has no form i.e. Nirgun Nirakar and we humans having very less potential to comprehend this formless spirit and that is why we celebrate the god in ‘Sagun Sakar’ form. Humanising God is not new to Hindu religion. Humanising him to contemporary culture is also not insulting him. Ram Leela and other local cultures also create humour out of the spiritual stories, will the IB summon them too?

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