Objectionable comments on women: A new normal

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There have been lot of controversies in Indian Politics, be it raising a scam or making some making something communal, we’ve seen it all. However, the worst is making personal attacks on leaders especially women. Many of them made derogatory remarks on women.

Recently, Ex- Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath made a comment on BJP leader Imarti Devi addressing her as ‘ITEM’, this sparked a lot of controversy with Rahul Gandhi, Wayanad MP also expressing displeasure and condemning the comments of his leader.

Various leaders have in past made several derogatory comments on women.

One of them even went on and said that Boys will commit mistake, will you hang them?

The problem is that such comments have been continuing for a long time, and insulting women has become a new norm.

No Actions:

Whenever certain politician makes a comment like this, it catches all the media attention , it leads to debates demanding action and sacking of politicians from respective parties, however it leads to nothing parties remain quiet on it.

However, the SP leader who made derogatory comments on Jaya Prada was barred by EC for campaigning for 72 hours yet the leader wasn’t sacked from party.

The leader who insulted Imarti Devi, is still in the party. Some of the leaders who have made derogatory comments but still they remain in party, therefore encouraging the MINDSET.


Even though protesting is necessary but we’ve to ensure that there’s accountability and action is taken against such politicians who make such comments. Like, when some politicians are sacked or removed for anti-party activities, we must ensure that these politicians are sacked from party for making such comments.

NCW(National Commission For Women) always speaks when it comes to women, they issued notice to politicians who make such objectionable remarks on women. They must ensure there is action on it and cognizance is taken.

Election Commission Of India, has banned leaders many a times when politicians were seen violating the model code of conduct, one of them is Azam Khan an SP leader and a MP from Rampur he was banned for 72 hours for making insulting remarks on Jaya Prada. Election Commission plays an important role in ensuring that elections and rallies are conducted properly.

Also, any politician who has allegedly insulted women, by using certain words or phrases a case under section 509 of the IPC(Indian Penal Code) can be filed against that politician.

Section 509 of IPC provides that whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen, by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished.”[1]


According to the Press Information Bureau (PIB), “The MCC intends to provide a level playing field for all political parties, keep the campaign fair and healthy, avoid clashes and conflicts between parties, and ensure peace and order. “It aims to ensure that the ruling party, either at the Centre or in the states, does not misuse its official position to gain an unfair advantage in an election,”[2]

My Opinion on this:

Making objectionable comments on women is an serious issue, apart from outraging we must ensure that action is taken against politicians who make such comments because they are the ones who have the biggest responsibilities. It’s the responsibility of the parties to ensure that action is taken against them, like they take quick action on politicians for anti-party activities. Insulting an women is against every principle and shouldn’t be tolerated at all.

Apart from this, there should be awareness on all legal remedies a women can take if she has been insulted such as Section 509 of IPC and People’s representation Act along with the Model Code of conduct applicable during elections.

The reason for this is because we must realize that whenever such speeches go on television, it really sets a impression.

Bhargavi Bhajpai – W riter Bharat Bhagya Vidhata


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