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On August 5, 2020, Bharat will witness history in the making. Till the year 1528, there was a Ram Mandira standing gracefully on the place of birth of Prabhu Shree Ram. Now, almost after five centuries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay foundation stone of a grand Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira. The Ram Janmabhoomi site had first hit the global headlines in 1992. After almost two decades, the dispute has been adjudicated upon. While the land dispute was pending, many liberal voices had advocated the idea of building a grand hospital or an Institute of education at the site of Ram Janmabhoomi. The same was justified by citing larger public interest. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to lay foundation of Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira, in reality, the long standing demands of liberals have finally yielded result. Let us see how.

Boosting Economy

In Sanatan Dharma (popularly known as Hindu Dharma), the importance of Mandira has been immense. Grand temples of Hindu Gods have played significant role in keeping a continental nation together. Popular Yatras of Char Dham, Jyotirlinga, Kashi and similar others have been instrumental in encouraging religious masses to visit famous temples all across the nation. Not only this has prospered local economy, it has also led to strong cultural and religious ties. The same combination of economic activity and cultural affinity have kept polytheistic Hindu Dharma together. Thus, building Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira brings promise of economic prosperity and cultural synthesis to Ayodhya district in Uttar Pradesh. I am sure the liberals will be glad to see massive job creation in otherwise rural economy of Ayodhya.

A Hospital

Now, we must see how the popular demand of a hospital is being met by building a Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira. To understand this, we must analyse the word “Mandira” through etymological perspective. The Sanskrit word Mandira has two elements, viz., Manas and Dhiraya. Here, Manas does not equate to mind as the term “mind” is rather wide and vague. Manas precisely means “the fluctuating aspect of mind”. On the other hand, Sanskrit verb “Dhiraya” means “to stabilise or to comfort”. Thus, a Mandira represents “a place where the fluctuating mind is stabilised/comforted”.

Now, I need not highlight the importance of mental health in today’s world. In a fiercely competitive world, psychosomatic (physical ailments arising from mental disturbances) diseases are widespread among masses. Often, such mental disorders go undiagnosed on account of either mental stigma or limited economic means. Under such circumstances, faith comes to the aid of human being. One medicine that a Mandira has in abundance is “hope”. And, hope can work wonders for many faithful devotees. Additionally, often popular Hindu shrines provide quality food without cost to thousands of devotees on regular basis. Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira will be no exception. I am sure the liberals will understand that in this regard, Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira will be doing a job no less than a hospital where physical and mental illnesses are cured. Ultimately, healthy food and hope catered at Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira will help secure well-being of thousands of devotees. Mandira will receive a simple consideration in return, “faith in Prabhu Shree Ram.”

Education & Enlightenment

We must now see how a demand for an educational institution is equally fulfilled. The ultimate aim of education is enlightenment of an individual. Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira promises enlightenment for many. While the Mandira is yet to be built, it is bringing debate, discussion and enlightenment in several fields. Firstly, students of architecture and civil engineering will be deeply interested in building of this modern, yet spiritual, abode of Prabhu Shree Ram. On the other hand, while the dispute about title over the Ram Janmabhoomi was being adjudicated, the students of law have witnessed quality discourse on various facets of law that were involved. Students of sociology, history and political science will always analyse, discuss and ponder upon socio-political churning that surrounds Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira. In addition to the aforesaid worldly knowledge, Ram Janmabhoomi will bring spritual awakening and enlightenment for many devotees in centuries to come.

To conclude, Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Mandira promises a bright, economic, educational, spiritual and healthy future. “Liberals must rejoice.”

Adv. Aditya Khare (GLC, Mumbai)

– Guest Writer, Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

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