Retaliation on our terms.

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If you ask anyone around you to define battle, they will probably go on to tell you the 2 centuries old definitions where words like guns, swords, violence will be thrown around. But let’s ask ourselves why were these tools used in the first place? They were used to cause harm to someone or something. If this someone or something is damaged that would lower the ability of one of the combatants to fight. With time the abilities and the tools have changed and almost everything around us has become a weapon of war. Therefore, on this day a leader has to be careful of every step she/he chooses.

A Battle always generates passion among masses. Martyrdom is a trigger and a very sad one for a nation to start a war. I remember Shekhar Gupta talking about his experience with Atal Bihari Vajpayee when Atalji asked him what will be the name of the war if we attack Pakistan after the attacks which had just taken place on the Parliament of India. Baffled, Guptaji had no answer. Atalji in his witty way told him this war will be called the war of anger if it takes place. The reason I mention the incidence is that there is anger among people after 20 of our brave soldiers have fallen defending the territory which is ours by all means. And it will generate anger, and it should. There should be no reason to hold back your anger.

This anger should convert into retaliation too. Retaliation, which will make a dual impact. One where the enemy will not dare again to resort to similar actions and second where our nation will score an international point in our territorial integrity. But India should decide the place, time, and mode of war. We had the greatest Chief of Maratha Armed Forces Bajirao 1 who never lost a war. He never lost a war because he chose his wars. There are many historical references when Bajirao Peshwa withdrew his army from a region to avoid conflict because he knew the time and place will not be favorable for him. Similarly, India should wait for the right moment when it will have an upper hand to fight a war.

It is the job of the media and opposition to question the government and question every action and inaction from the government’s part. Let them do it. India should wait for the right moment to hit back because passion does not win wars. The best victory is when you win on your own terms, without losing even a drop of blood. But, waiting does not mean complacence either. We should be prepared to defend what is ours, but retaliation should be on our terms only.

– Editor,

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata.


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