Month: May 2020

To Overshadow the Master-Plan?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Utsari highlights these strategic events and joins all the dots, to remind you to look at the bigger picture of Chinese adventurism during the dreadful times. “Great historical progress always happens after a major disaster,” said Xi Jinping during a recent visit to Xi’an Jiaotong University. The question […]

India at Geopolitical Crossroads

Reading Time: 11 minutes Utsari writes about why India should become proactive regarding it’s Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Policy with context to recent operations of Army near LoC and judgment of Pakistan’s Court. Washing hands for 30 seconds at regular intervals, trying a new dish every evening, finally reading that book on the […]

Deconstructing: Kota Sweat Shops

Reading Time: 7 minutes Vignesh writes about the appalling conditions of the coaching centres in Kota and the rat race of Indian society to send their children to the city. One of the major issues for the government while handling the Covid-19 pandemic was that a huge number of students in Kota […]