The Ball is in your court

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I was deeply disturbed by the news of the terrorist attack in J&K. I felt anger, sorrow and pain at the same time and could not withstand the fact that today, more than 20 fathers, brothers, husbands, sons of some child, sister, wife and mother are not going to return home. The worst fact was, it was a cowardly attack; it was done when the CRPF jawans were going from Jammu to Srinagar.

Such an attack has to be condemned on every level possible, no Paki should have a place in India henceforth. These are no sentences of hate and impulsive reaction. It is the failure of citizens of Pakistan to oppose a certain sect of population who control the whole country. This section consists of Military and ISI officials, and the civil society in Pakistan failed to not only create leaders who can lead the country but it also failed to stand up to this section. Instead it indulged into blind sycophancy of this very section. Such a weak and impotent civil society has no place in India be it actors, writers, artists or sports players.

It cannot be denied that this attack is going to have very serious implications on almost every important event in India including upcoming general elections. The government now has the utmost responsibility to do two important things-One is to retaliate, to retaliate with such force that JeM would be swept off from the soil of Kashmir and Pakistan. The retaliation should be so brutal, so fierce, so devastating for the perpetrators of this attack that generations to come in the valley and Pakistan should never turn to lift a gun against India. And second is  to seriously rethink the way forward to deal with people in the Valley. Here, I have to put a note of caution here, for the government that it should also see to it, that this attack will not and should not have any implication on the internal religious composition and temper of the country. It cannot be denied that the attack was in the name of a religion against India. But that should not result into attacks on ndividuals of that religion inside the country.

Attack on such magnitude is not possible without the help and all required support from the Pakistani terrorist cells and biggest of them being ISI. India’s patience is over, we cannot and we will not tolerate any further attacks on our civilians, on our soldiers. It’s a sincere request to the Prime Minister that, the people have given you a mandate, and you have proved it by one surgical strike, but I think these cowards crave for more from Indian Army. Thus, given them what they deserve, the ball is in your court.

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  1. The govt has to take strong steps but with a lot of analysis and consideration. JeM is a pakistan based terrorist organisation which is supported by the intelligence (obviously). But on the paper it has been banned by pakistan way back in 2002. We need a strong and affirmative action to serve justice to our martyrs but at the time of working our way for UNSC permanent seat membership campaign we dont want the backlash like the one by UN on the surgical strike due to a non planned retaliation (non planned in context to all variables- political and apolitical)

  2. The conflict is based on territory. But religious ideology has proved to be such a great fuel that, in spite of being secondary it seems to be primary. If you see the terrorists around the world; they hold the same religious ideology. Certainly in that case the terrorist groups in Pakistan and Kashmir are contributing in this. Hence it is proved that the ideology is influencing more of those guys to join terror organisations. We don’t know if at all they are taught anything about territorial disputes their brainwashing and influence is religious. Every Muslim who is willing to support India is very much welcomed and I know there are such. But don’t forget those separatists, leftists and other anti-nationals are inside our Motherland causing her bleed. No one should and will be spared. The political correctness will be a huge obstacle while taking necessary strict actions against Paki and Jaish.
    We do not need to worry about the impotancy of the Pakistani Citizens. We do not know how many support ISI. The educated high class is very less others are all heavily influenced by Mullahs. If you listen to their talks they will be mocking India and Hinduism. I’ll give you their names of you want.

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