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Vachaspati : The day of the Jackal – Frederik Forsyth

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‘Your name. If you wish to remain anonymous you should have a code name. Do you have any ideas?’

The Englishman thought for a moment. ‘Since we have been speaking of hunting, what about the Jackal? Will that do?’

Rodin nodded. ‘Yes, that will do fine. In fact I think I like it.’

The whole plot is based in Western Europe, revolving around one person i.e. General Charles De Gaul who was the President of Fifth Republic in France. It is a perfect depiction of the struggle between

the state and the non-state actors of that time!

It is a fast moving story which gives justice to almost every character mentioned. The best part is everything told to us by the author was very much possible in that period. The anti-protagonist ‘Jackal’ though intelligent and sharp is still very human. He is not a James Bond figure who can fight off people on a running train and then jump of unharmed. The possible nature of events takes reader very close to plot.

The various places in the story are described so impeccably by the author that the country side France, Brussels, Paris and the Elysee Palace. These places rebuild themselves in your imagination. It is one of the best historical crime novels I have read!

It is published by Penguin publishing house, London. I read it on a Kindle but you can always order it from Amazon for Rs. 330!

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