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FCRA and Missionaries of Charity | BBV Samvaad | Episode 6 BBV Samvaad

Recently, the Union Home Ministry has declined to renew the FCRA approval of a NGO called Missionaries of Charity which happens to be the NGO founded by Mother Teresa. The incident has made it to the news due to liberal assumptions of motivated communal crackdown of Union Home Ministry. However there is other side to the present story.
  1. FCRA and Missionaries of Charity | BBV Samvaad | Episode 6
  2. Finding the real intent of Farmer's Protests and Mahapanchayat | BBV SAMVAAD | EP 5
  3. Hurriyat Conference – A dead end? Episode 4
  4. Stan Swamy's Death and Delusional Left in India | Episode 3
  5. Why Mumbai Floods? | Episode 2

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