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  • M K Gandhi and his impact on the Hindu Psyche: In Pre-colonial and Post-colonial India.
    Reading Time: 8 minutes By Poornima Ramesh Abstract “All religions are equal” is the false thinking predominating the Hindus of India. Having not been taught their history, they fail to perceive the threat posed by other religions. With what little they know, they reject it as a thing of the past that […]
  • Impact of M.K. Gandhi on Hindu Psyche: Pre Colonial Era and Post Colonial Era
    Reading Time: 10 minutes By: Vinayak Tiwari Abstract. Gandhi’s relationship with Hinduism has been a very debatable topic, for some Gandhi should be a role model for Hindu practices, and for others Gandhi’s approach to Hinduism is considered flawed. Today, it is not discussed in public fora and not much illuminated in […]
  • M K Gandhi and his impact on the Hindu Psyche: In Pre-colonial and Post-colonial India
    Reading Time: 13 minutes By Nived KM Nived K M, Tamil Nadu National Law University, Tiruchirapalli “Uttaraṃ yatsamudrasya himādreścaiva dakṣiṇam Varṣaṃ tadbhārataṃ nāma bhāratī yatra santatiḥ” “The country (varṣam) that lies north of the ocean and south of the snowy mountains is called Bhāratam; there dwell the descendants of Bharata.”[1] Vishnu Purana […]
  • M.K. Gandhi and his impact on the Hindu Psyche: In pre-colonial and post colonial India
    Reading Time: 10 minutes By Ira Srivastav ABSTRACT M.K. Gandhi was an influential Indian leader and thinker of the 20th Century. He was a leader of the masses and carried a unique charisma. He was personally a follower of Hinduism but accepted all faiths and had a comprehensive approach to religion. His […]
  • MK Gandhi and his impact on the Hindu psyche: In pre-colonial and post-colonial India
    Reading Time: 8 minutes By Ashu Vaishnav “I am a Hindu not merely because I was born in the Hindu fold, but I am one by conviction and choice. As I know it and interpret it, it gives me all the solace I need both here and hereafter” – Mahatma Gandhi[1] Abstract […]

FCRA and Missionaries of Charity | BBV Samvaad | Episode 6 BBV Samvaad

Recently, the Union Home Ministry has declined to renew the FCRA approval of a NGO called Missionaries of Charity which happens to be the NGO founded by Mother Teresa. The incident has made it to the news due to liberal assumptions of motivated communal crackdown of Union Home Ministry. However there is other side to the present story.
  1. FCRA and Missionaries of Charity | BBV Samvaad | Episode 6
  2. Finding the real intent of Farmer's Protests and Mahapanchayat | BBV SAMVAAD | EP 5
  3. Hurriyat Conference – A dead end? Episode 4
  4. Stan Swamy's Death and Delusional Left in India | Episode 3
  5. Why Mumbai Floods? | Episode 2

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